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Warning. This piece contains details which may be offensive to the sinner reader. Reader discretion is advised.]

To whom it may concern humanity:

I am Sin.

I lie in the hearts of every one of you,in the mouths of your world leaders. I am in the unjustified wars, the bleached-out white lies, in the unnecessary loss of life. In the empty promises of a better tomorrow with little freedom and much strife. You continue to believe that everyone who does not agree with how you see things is an enemy, and on your clothes and curtains I am the fashioned lace embroidery of your corruption. I am the blood shed over man’s greed, in the tug-of-war for resources that were never yours, and which you want but don’t really need. I am Sin.

I am the mistress of broken promises, you will see me in the voice of the daddy who promises to be back home early to have dinner with his family. He won’t make it back until he’s done with his woman on the side. I should be given an award for being the Most Consistent Perpetrator of Lies. For an eternity and running, the fact still remains: I am Sin

Who preys on self-indulgence. I turn you into a greedy, self-seeking bastard, give you speedy access to money, the cars and the clothes. I can turn your heart into stone. I am Sin

and I love your foolish pride, my baby. Your arrogance excites me and like an oasis in a desert I welcome your hypocrisy, my baby. I love it. I love to hurt you. So let’s set the world to rights…one more drink won’t hurt, one more girl and/or boy tonight, one more spliff and one more flashing light..going too fast to stop to watch your Flashing Life. I am Sin.

And I creep under the bed as you let him in. Sure, he doesn’t deserve you and he doesn’t care about you. But while you lie prostrate giving your gift to him, i’ll remain your Cheerleader. Your flesh is wicked and weak,so i’ll hit you with a lust so hard you’ll bowl over. I am Sin, girl, I am Sin. And I will fill your head with empty passions till you can no longer breathe and can no longer see. And then i’ll let you go to church on sunday but you and I both know you’ll come rushing back home to me. I am Sin

Too attractive, too filthy to completely avoid. My loud curves will obliterate your senses like a rude siren; Hear my voice! It will purr temptations, my talons will weave into your hair and I will make you weak. I will point you to porn and masturbation, be the queen of your wildest imagination…look at me. In your self-indulgence you will find me, as you weep when it dawns on you that your temple is in ruin and for ages your spirit has been asleep. I am Sin

and I don’t hold grudges…I thrive on them. Don’t forgive, it’ll make you weak. Instead channel your frustrations into me; f*** the police. You’ll only live once so play with me as much as you like..I’ll hold the knife as you slit your wrists and i’ll even whisper free advice. My baby. I will kill you, but mmm it shall be good. It shall happen a little each day and each time fresh waters will break, as one sin gives birth to another. And you will be caught in your very own spiral of pain. With time I’ll make sure any ambitions God has for you are slayed. I am Sin

and your swearing turns me on. It makes me wet, hearing the profanities in your voice until you become incapable of constructing a sentence without a speck, of filth. You dirty monster, you are mine. At night I will watch over you sleeping and I’ll intrude on your dreams. I’ll pierce your psyche like a fresh piercing with a ferocity that’ll leave your mind throbbing for weeks. I am Sin

I watch you in the mirror when you stare at yourself. I pulled your top strap a little lower off your shoulder so it’d make your profile picture look more daring. Bolder. I crushed red berries and smeared them on your lips while I urged you to bite the corner of your lip and ignore the weeping of your childish innocence dying. I am Sin

and have I told you how much I love what I do? You’re my slaves. All of you. Regardless of race—you’re my niggers. I’ll spit in your face but only after I’m done kissing your momentary hardships away, so you are distracted long enough not to notice the Man in front of you wanting to help you escape. I am Sin

so see me in the pastor who deceives you each week into thinking that a life of glory and prosperity comes before a life of total dedication to God in humility, entrusting in His grace. Don’t be saved. I am in the shouted ”hallelujahs!” and grand collapses at the front of the stage when Pastor lifted his finger even though your spirit hadn’t felt a thing. I am Sin

and Church women, do not be ashamed! Gossip away, and I will smother you with affection as pay. I am Sin

and together we shall kill the church. Until the world ends, I will keep convincing you that Christianity can be a lukewarm life of duality. Just promise to keep your testimonies quiet. Keep what God has done for you private, keep the dreams and visions you know you need a translation for silent. See, I am Sin

And don’t you see that it’s better this way? Can’t you see that this is how life should be? Me controlling, you…a time of endless possibilities. I am Sin

and this Gospel destroys my hold on you. Your heart becomes hot with a Holy fire so I cannot stay as long as before. I detest this Jesus, He ruins the order. He overpowers me, whenever you hear the words of John 3:16 your genuine “hallelujah!”s cast my plans asunder! I am Sin

And each day you help crucify Him. Your most recent commitment to me materialises into a crown of thorns on His beautiful head, above which has read: “This is the King of the Jews” in bold red. Glance at your hand as in your clenched fist I have now placed the pen. Oh yes, I am Sin

And I will always make you fall short of His glory! Mention His name, decide to live your life for Him, and I will hit you ten times harder. You’re my baby, you were bore out of meI AM SIN! I will shake up your faith in this Jesus! I will drown you in the tossing waves of doubt within your mind when He speaks to you! I will harden your heart to His words of wisdom! I will knock you off the ‘straight and narrow’! I SAID I AM SIN! AND I CANNOT STAND REPENTANCE!

So I will forever strive to be your noun, verb and adjective. I will always come knocking on your door and try to get myself in. As long as you do not live completely in Christ I will always succeed. And I will chain you up and make your life a living misery. I am SinAnd I require you to hunger for me

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