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Every felt that God is not hearing your prayers. You feel like you can’t hear him. Is he listening . Does he see what your going through. You can;t take another NO. not another disappointment. Where did he go. Is he on vacation. I usually refer to these season as a dry season. Where it seems like God is so far away. But the thing is he is right there in the midst. Sometimes God has to test our faith but he will never leave you. Many times we want God to answer us is an instant. Which he can . But if were steady whining and complaining, how is that building our character. We live in a microwave generation where we want everything NOW NOW. Check this out it God doesn’t work like that. Its all about him and none about us. We have to understand God’s timing. God isn’t burger king you cant have it your way. Its all about him. Many time we search for God in things that is not of him . Of course your not going to find him there. Our desires of our heart must align with the word of God. If what heart desires isn’t of him you think he really is going to give you something that against his word. NEGATIVE. God is God he is not a GENIE. Many times when you trying to hear God you have to sit still and listen. Stop trying to find him in people, things and places. Seek his face not his hand . Many times of desperation we only go to God becomes he became our plan B , C or D. When God should be our first resort. Stop treating him like a side chick. You cant only go to him when your in need of a bill paid. But you haven’t spent time with him in months or even years. Or because your man acting up you want God to fix your relationship or marriage. He is not going to fix that relationship if that relationship was not of him. Our relationship with God comes first. He isn’t in things . You wont find in people yes he can speak through people. FYI : God doesn’t bless mess !! Take heed to that. Now there are seasons that God doesn’t seem near at all but he is right there all you have to do is trust him. Don’t give up. Those season of him appearing that he isn’t there are set up to help us grow. How is our Faith in him going to grow if every time we run to him he fix’s things automatically. What are we learning in those seasons of just Dryness I have learned to Trust him. Our trust in him has to to grow. Our faith has to Grow. Our worship has to go to another level. The higher we go in him there is more that he requires of us . We cant stay at the same level from when we first got saved. Just as children have to grow up and learn the ways of life. We as Christians we have to grow up, we have to be seasoned and mature. Paul speaks about spiritual maturity in Corinthians . We have to start eating meat. Time out for drinking milk. How long do you expect to be drinking milk out of bottle. Babies starting eating regular food at about five months. If you have been saved for a year and still need a pacifier . Its time to let the bottle Go and get some real food (spiritual food) . God does everything for reason. He has to equip us. How can he send us out to shake a nation if we are still eating baby food. Who are really going to impact if we our self our still drinking baby milk. God wants so much more for us . But sometimes we block what God wants to do in our life. Yes Dry seasons hurt and you don’t know where to turn . The safe place for us in our dryness is in God. Yes I know it seems he isn’t there . He said he will never leave you or forsake you. Even though it seems like God has forgotten about you but he hasn’t. This is time to cry out to him like never before. He is right there . Look to him not the world. Hes there trust him. He is working your situation out even in the midst of your storm. Learn to trust him just a little more. Learn to spend even more and more time with him. Open up your ears a little more. God speaks to you , but you have to open up your ears. Sometimes God is speaking directly to us, and we have our ears shutting him out. Open up your eyes and ears to Him. He loves you so much. You may have done somethings that’s displeasing to him. The great thing about God is his Grace. No matter what we do he wont love us less. He created us. Grace doesn’t give us an excuse to sin. It means even if we mess us God forgives us. Don’t take his grace for granted, You don’t want his grace for you to be contaimed  . I want to encourage you even though every situation and season isn’t full of flowers and gold. But it is all working for our good. Continue to trust God no matter the situation. No matter what it looks like. Trust HIM!! Don’t stop trusting him. Don’t stop worshiping him. He is still worthy even in our dry season. Let God build your character. Be still and know that he is God. Sometimes God is speaking to us but we are too busy to hear his voice we let everything become a distraction and God wants our attention. I know your saying but you don’t understand what I’m going through you don’t know the pain I’m in. I know I have had many of dry season and the only way of my dry is season is to let God have his. I had to yield to the process that he wanted to take me through. So as yield more to him. He will open those doors that seem like they are shut . As you surrender to the process he will make a way out of your situation. Let God be God. You cant fix everything yourself . Give all your cares to him. He wants all of you not just apart. I promise you I didn’t mean to write all of this. But I felt the Holy Spirit  telling me what to write . I hope you were blessed. Don’t forget to follow. 🙂

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