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The Bible says “Find happiness in the Lord, & He will give you the desires of your heart” & it also says “Seek His kingdom & everything else will be ADDED unto you” … Let that be your motivation 🙂 Find contentedness in your singleness & with Christ FIRST! & If you remain humble & obedient, He’s gonna bless you & reward you with what you want for the hard work you’ve put in! .. It’s just like doing chores around the house for your parents.. You have to work hard in order to earn your allowance! Only thing is that, you gotta do it the right way (righteously & obediently) .. Or like when you tell your parents what you really want as a gift.. But at that moment they can’t give it to you until you proven your worthy enough to receive it! Yet they still keep in the back of their mind what you said you wanted.. So when that times comes where you deserve it, they’ll remember what you said you wanted in the past & they’ll get it for you & surprise you with it.. & That’s exactly what God does! Anything you ask in His name, He will give it to you! (John 14:14) .. Ask & you shall RECEIVE in due time! But most of the time God already KNOWS what you want, because HE knows your heart!.. So if He sees that your being patient & obedient & your working hard to get what you deserve.. He’ll look back & say “Hey, I remember (enter name) wanted so & so & this & that.. & in His timing (not yours) He will give it to you when you least expect it!! 🙂 He’s watching all that you do! .. When I say “Seek His Kingdom & everything else will be added onto you” That’s like saying.. Seek His kingdom & a Husband will be added onto you, Seek His kingdom & a Job will be added onto you, Seek His kingdom & a House will be added onto you.. Etc! God knows what you want, & hears your prayers.. One thing that you have to remember is, if you don’t know how to treat God the right way in your relationship with Him.. Then you won’t be able to treat the person that God sends you, right in your relationship with him/her either! If you can’t COMMIT yourself to God, then you won’t be able to commit to a man/woman.. Why? Because BOTH a spiritual & physical relationship require the same things.. Love, submissiveness, spending time with them, & being faithful! Enjoy your singleness, because that’s the only period in your life where you can give 100% of your focus on Him! God is a jealous God, & it’s like CHEATING on Him when you spend more time with other things more than spending time with Him.. Intimacy is a beautiful thing! So fall in love with Christ first before you fall in love with a man/woman! When you keep God first, EVERYTHING will fall into place.

Hope this blessed & motivated you

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