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Do you just worship God on Sunday .
Do you act like your a saint on Sunday but the rest of the week you are acting like one of Satan’s child.
Before I got delivered I was a Sunday christian I was only “holy” on Sundays. Mon- Sat I was acting like I didn’t know who God was. I would turn up on Saturday be shouting like I had gotten my victory and my breakthrough. When church was over I was with my girlfriend back to sinning. There was no true genuine relationship with God. I didn’t honor him . I thought I loved him but did I really . Because his word says If you love me you will obey my commandments. Did I obey him?? No . How was I showing him I loved by turning up , smoke weed, have sex with my girlfriend. I didn’t love him. I love the things he gave me. I loved how he blessed with job. I didn’t read his word or spend intimate time with him. I knew about him through my mother but I didn’t have a relationship . I didn’t die daily. I was living a very dangerous lukewarm lifestyle. I didn’t fear going to hell . I thought just because I went to church made me a christian. My mom has no heaven or hell to put me in. I had to go to Jesus for myself. Week after week I would run to the altar. Being lead by emotions there was no repentance. There was no victory when I left on Sunday. All though I might have appeared to act like a christian on Sunday. Conviction hit me every morning. I Ignored it every time. Sinking deeper and deeper in sin. How long are you going to be just a Sunday christian. God is not playing with you. This isnt burger king you cant have it your way. He is the King of Kings. It really is HIS way or Hell. He desires all of you not just a fraction of you that you give him on Sunday. You cant have one foot in the world and one foot in God. Revelation 3:16-17 speak about being lukewarm. It says God will spit you out of his mouth. Sin separates us from God. You have to make a choice either your going to live for God or are you going to live for the world. We all had to make this choice. Its heaven or hell. For me I was sick and tired of being broken. I was broken , hurt and angry. I had to give my all to God. He was the only that could fill that empty void of mine. I search to find it in girls, drinking, partying , sex. God’s love was the only answer for it. Sex wasn’t love. I was in lust. I had no value , no respect for myself. no worth in my self. I though I was worth nothing. But Jesus said on the cross that I was worth dieing for. I want to encourage you if your someone that just spends with time with God. That its not impossible for you to have a genuine relationship with God. God took my mess and made it into a testimony. He can do the same for you if you let him. God is a gentleman he is not going to just come into your life. But you have to want him to , you have to let him in. You must turn for sin. God has standards its called holiness. You cant be one min all into God then next min you living a life of sin. Its either all of Him or all of the things of this world. I had to make the choice . I was deep in my sin. I had to make the choice that I just didn’t want be a Sunday Christian. But I want to be one his precious daughters that worship him with her life. I pray that you make the decision to really truly live for Jesus

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