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First and foremost I want to say happy mother’s day to every mother out there . Today you have been heavily on my heart and the heart of God . I never knew how much pain that my lifestyle  before Christ cause my mom until I meet some other mother’s that had children still in that lifestyle . The Lord allowed me to feel the pain to reveal to me how a mother can properly love there child before deliverance and not condone the sin that they are in . My mother had a small role to play in my deliverance process. My mother knew about my lifestyle at a very young age I remember the day I came out to my mother . We got into the most heated conversation we had ever gotten into I said something’s I shouldn’t have vice versa. I was already dealing with rejection but I didn’t know it was rejection all I knew that the conversation between me and my mother drew me closer to females . Fast forward to today I love my mother very much I understand that she isn’t perfect . I understand the era that she was in and I understand why I got the response that I got . One thing my mother never stop doing was having hope that God was going to change my ways . She didn’t know how he was going to do it but she trusted him to do it. She never stop praying she didn’t know she was praying for my deliverance. I grew up in a church that deliverance and  prophetic is foreign language to them . My mother knew the power of prayer , God heard her prayers. In some of the darkest seasons of my life it was the memory of her prayers and the God she knew to go to in trouble who saved me from taking my own life.  After my deliverance process I had to get healed from every spec of rejection that my mother did unknowingly.  Everything that I went through was God ordained and part of my story . My mother constantly blames other people for talking into the lifestyle. Seeds can be planted good and bad . A seed was planted but ultimately I made the decision to walk into a lifestyle that was displeasing to God. It was nothing that mother did that made me choose that lifestyle . Just like God has a plan for our lives so does the enemy . The enemy knew that once God snatched me out of darkness that I God was going to give me authority to also snatch those who were still in captivity . I was a threat to the enemy so he tried everything in his power to keep me bound.  My mother never gave up on me , she never stop seeking after God for my deliverance . Dear Mother I know it seems that your child is lost and it seems like they are stuck in bondage . I am a living witness that your prayers are not going on deaf ears. Your prayers are reaching heaven . your prayers are reaching the heart of God . Mother’s stop blaming yourself just know God will deliver your child in his timing . You cannot rush and speed up the will of God .  Don’t stop praying for your child , heaven hears your prayers. You can love them and not condone their sin . Love covers a multitude of sin  Don’t stop believing that God will deliver and set free . Even when it looks like all is lost. Stay in the face of God . The bible says that some things only come by fasting and praying. I pray the strength of God over each one of your lives.



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